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Heating with wood or solar: the most ecological solution

In particularly cold weather, it is not wise to live in a house without heating. There are several ways to heat your home. However, not all of these heating systems are environmentally friendly. In other words, they are not environmentally friendly. This article presents wood and solar heating systems on the one hand and provides information on the most ecological of the two solutions on the other. Learn more by reading it.

What is an ecological solution

It is important above all to start by clearing up the ambiguity about the expression ecological solution. An ecological solution is the one that is most beneficial to nature. In technical terms, it is one that does not emit any carbon or any greenhouse gas at all. It is this solution which advocates respect and protection of nature as it is known to all.

What is wood heating

The wood heating system is one of the healthiest means of heating in the world. A specialist in thermal improvement of buildings will confirm this to you without hesitation. This is explained by the fact that it uses wood as fuel. Wood therefore allows this heating system to combine energy performance and respect for the environment.

Equipment used for wood heating

To use this heating system, you have the possibility of using different equipment. Among this equipment, there is: the insert or closed hearth, the wood stove, the wood cooker, the wood boiler, etc. All of this equipment allows the heat resulting from the combustion of wood to be distributed in a given room. Find out the type of your equipment.

Operating mode

Regardless of the type of equipment you use, the operating principle remains relatively the same. You store the bundles of wood in the equipment. Then you set it on fire. Wood burning begins. After a certain time, a release of hot air begins to be felt. This air spreads depending on the means of diffusion of your equipment.

What is solar heating

The solar heating system is also considered to be one of the healthiest means of heating in the world. Indeed, it works essentially using the natural, free, renewable, inexhaustible and non-polluting resource that is the sun. This heating system is very popular because of its high energy performance.

Equipment used for solar heating

Unlike the wood heating system where several pieces of equipment can be used, the system remains relatively the same for solar heating. Said device includes, among other things, the solar panels and the water tank. The combined action of these two pieces of equipment will allow you to properly heat your home.

Operating mode

The way the solar heating system works is quite simple. Solar panels capture solar energy. This energy is transmitted to the water tank. There, solar energy is transformed into thermal energy. Thermal energy boils the water in the tank. The water vapors are routed to the radiators to heat the entire household.

What is the most ecological solution

Referring to the operating modes of the two solutions previously described, we can say without a doubt that solar heating is the most ecological solution. Indeed, the combustion of wood produces, even if in small quantities, CO2, a powerful greenhouse gas. Thus, heating with wood pollutes the environment and is therefore not the most ecological solution.

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